How to Started and use iPad Air Properly and Easily so that it Lasts

use ipad air

How to start to use iPad air without fuss? Nowadays, we can see various brands of gadget that become popular in society. It can be denied that cellular phone has experienced the innovation where last years, cellular phone is just a thing to call and text message. In this era, cellular phone has been equipped with platform where it can work smartly and help people to do communication in any ways. If you have bought one of gadget from Apple brand, which is iPad and still confused how to start it, it means you are in the right place. Here’s tips to use iPad Air.

How to Use iPad Air Easily

In this discussion, we will talk about how to started with the iPad Air properly.

Firstly, you have to click the main button of iPad air and then you will see the Helo word from various languages with rub the screen left or right. If you need the information about that iPad air, you can click i letter below.

use ipad air

The next step is choose the language and your country. This step can determine the time, weather, date, and so forth. You can move to find the location only use the Internet connection. You will get information about application that will be useful to determine or find location.

The iPad can be started from arrange the Touch ID.  With this feature, you can open your gadget uses the fingerprint. Choose the 6 code to protect your data. You can take the data from your old gadget uses iTunes, iCloud, or from Android. Automatically, all of your data will be back to your new iPad air.

iPad users should have the Apple ID and its code to use all of the applications from this gadget. Set up siri is recommended to do so you can get information by asking from your voice. How to start to use iPad is finished if you have clicked ‘start‘ from this gadget.

Nowadays, almost all people in this world have the smartphone, tablet, and any kind of high technology thing. One kind of gadget that is popular is iPad air. This gadget can be used to manage of your mobility; such as calling, texting, browsing, and so forth. Yet, not all people cab operate this kind of gadget. Therefore, this article will share the 5 tips on how to operate iPad that may help you.

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How to Undelete Photos From HTC 10 Phone Easily

undelete photos from htc 10

Have you ever not accidentally delete a photo in the gallery of your smartphone? When you don’t accidentally delete it, then you will feel confused. Besides that, you also think to be able to restore the image. Of course you have many reasons to return to the gallery. For users of HTC phone, in order to undelete photos from HTC 10, we will explain you how you can recover deleted pictures in this article. The best way to recover deleted images is to use a wide choice of recovery tools of different software to help you get back deleted images on the HTC 10.

undelete photos from htc 10

Steps to undelete photos from HTC 10 phone

  1. Download DrFone for Android.
  1. Install the software on your Windows PC.
  1. Launch the program and follow the directions .

If you have opened the software, make sure that your HTC 10 connect to a PC with a USB cable. After connect, you must have USB Debugging enabled which is the developer options menu. If HTC 10 you have to be in developer mode, look at the end of the settings there is an option to enable USB Debugging. Tap that option and you will immediately see a notification at the bottom of the program Dr. Fone that USB Debugging is enabled and open. After that, you follow the instructions on the screen and select the file you want to restore on your HTC 10.

When the process has been completed by DrFone, to be able to restore all the files that you want to recover all you have to do is just select the Recover button to get your deleted files back of your HTC 10.

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How to Download Samsung Galaxy S21 User Manual: It is So Simple

galaxy s21 user manual

Where to download user manual for Samsung Galaxy S21? The presence of the internet around the human life pushes them to do many things online. It even includes the utilization of the manual book. Seemly, the people want to do something according to the latest trend. Apparently, reading the guidebook from the device has quite a good benefit. One of them is eco-friendly because the presence in the screen definitely reduces the paper usage. Meanwhile, the paper comes from the tree steam where it is the natural source that is important for the earth. So, the people have to nurture and use it bases on the necessary.

galaxy s21 user manual

Where to Download User Manual for Samsung Galaxy S21

You certainly cannot wait to find out about where to download the manual book for Samsung Galaxy S21 soon. In fact, there are two strategic areas to reach your mission that is from the device and the web. This day, you will follow to get the guide:

  1. Download from the device or phone

There are some steps that you must do such as visit the Home Screen. Then, access the Apps Screen by swipe up or down. Next, find out the Settings and touch it. After that, slide to and press the User Manual. Sooner, the User Manual is going to open by the internet browser.

  1. Download from the Web or the computer devices

It implies you allow the use of laptop, computer, and tablet. Through those devices, you will access the support page and access directly the Galaxy S21 user manual. Certainly, you can add for the Samsung S21 series. For the second access, you will get the manual in PDF form. You can download user guide for Galaxy S21 series by going here

It turns out so easy to the guidebook both from the phone and web. The conclusion is there are two places where to download the manual book for Samsung Galaxy S21. By the way, this innovation is very amazing because it indirectly has helped the government to go green.

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How to Remove Marks from Laptop Screen Simply and Easily

remove marks from laptop screen

Do you have a laptop? A laptop is one of the tools that technology has an important role for our daily lives and can also facilitate any activity we do. To keep the laptop still works well, you are required to maintain the cleanliness of the laptop itself. Because the laptop is a practical technology tools and can be taken anywhere, the dust will surely be easily attached to your laptop screen. To clean up the dust on the screen, you can use with chemical cleaning solution that is safe and has no impact damage to your laptop screen. Below is a simple guide to remove marks from laptop screen.

remove marks from laptop screen


Steps to Remove Marks from a Laptop Screen

  1. Make sure before you start to clean the laptop must be turned off and no electric current is connected.
  2. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the dust on the screen.
  3. Mixed water and isopropyl alcohol into the bottle with the same comparison, and shake until it is completely mixed.
  4. Pour water on a soft cloth until the cloth becomes damp. Wipe the screen slowly in one direction.
  5. After the dust is clean, use a soft cloth to dry your laptop screen. So your laptop  will be durable from damage.


If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can replace it with other cloth that have a soft material to prevent any scratches on the screen.

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iPhone 11 User Guide for Seniors: The Most Sophisticated Guide

iPhone 11 user guide

The iPhone 11 is the brand that is most often chosen because it has more features than others. There are many tips and tricks that can be done on the iPhone. But, unfortunately, not many people practice this. You can get the tips about iPhone 11 user guide for seniors here. You can practice the guide for seniors to beautify your iPhone. You can download the additional applications and maximize the default application on the iPhone 11. Learn more iPhone 11 tips and tricks here

iPhone 11 user guide

3 Tips about iPhone 11 User Guide for Seniors

Sometimes, maybe you are not satisfied with the default application that the iPhone has. There are many ways to modify your iPhone with the various applications below:

  1. Siri Commands

Its function is to make your iPhone simple and better. Say “Hey, Siri” and then followed by your command. The plus point is Siri does not have to be connected first to work. You can ask Siri to remind you about an event or a task by saying, “Siri“, remind me about this.”

  1. Download other news and weather apps

The news and weather application that is already on the iPhone is pretty good. But, it might not be what you want. You can download some news and weather applications such as Flipboard, Smart News, Reuters, USA Today, NYTimes, Google News & Weather, Accuweather, and Weather Underground.

  1. Complete with other multimedia apps

iPhone 11 has been equipped with good multimedia applications such as TV, Music, and Podcasts. But, to make it more perfect, you can install more multimedia applications. Those other multimedia applications are such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Soundcloud, Youtube, Pandora, Snapseed, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies & TV.

Other Features of Your iPhone 11 to Explore

There are many default applications on an iPhone that you can explore. Some of the applications are already in the default application of your iPhone, but some also have to be downloaded first in the App store. The recommended application lists for you to explore:

  1. Apple Support

It is about technical support that you will need it. You can download this application in the App Store.

  1. GarageBand

By using of GarageBand app, you will be able to make your own music. You can use your favorite instrument such as shake a drumstick.

  1. iMovie

In this app, you can take the video and download a high-powered video editor. It will be great for editing and sharing movies on the go with your iPhone.

You will not regret to have been read the iPhone 11 user guide for seniors because you will get a more enjoyable experience with your iPhone!

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